Profile of the company behind the screens

There have been a lot of changes in screen and blackout systems for glasshouses. Businesses are larger, greenhouses higher, construction times shorter. High energy prices are stimulating the use of screens, and a combination of several screens is the rule rather than the exception. New fabrics have been introduced. In short, screen installation has become a specialised activity. Peter Dekker Installaties (PDI) has always been at the forefront of these changes. We have been leaders in screen and blackout systems for decades. For many businesses, both in the Netherlands and abroad, the combination of innovative mentality and reliable organisation has been the deciding factor. With more than 100 employees and a wide range of construction machines, we can handle even the biggest projects. We also have the flexibility to respond quickly to planning changes. We can handle all aspects of a project, so maximum flexibility is ensured. Be it development, advice, transport, installation or maintenance, PDI can deal with it. Efficiently.